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Retail Partners

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Context and ask

Over the past 2 years, Siemens and their retail partners have suffered with supply chain disruption and global shortages of crucial technology. Our client wanted to launch the new Siemens iQ700 oven range to these partners, whilst making them feel truly valued.

The launch needed to create excitement for highly discerning kitchen design professionals whilst being held at Siemens’ familiar London showroom, which holds a maximum of 50 people.

Insight and strategy

We looked to Siemens’ brand principles and partner needs when coming up with the event strategy. Siemens’ brand positioning focuses on curiosity driving progress. Curiosity is also a key theme for their retail partners, who want to know about Siemens’ future plans and products. This insight led us to our strategic position…

Using this as our creative thread, we designed an experience rewarding curiosity through self-directed moments of discovery, personalisation and technological innovation.

What we delivered

We designed a high-end campaign that was technological, yet personal, to arouse the curiosity of our invited guests. Guests could choose from 20 event slots over 11 days to accommodate the numbers who wanted to attend.

We transformed Siemens’ familiar London venue into a dark, ethereal environment.

On arrival guests were immersed in a personalised tunnel and light experience. From here, they emerged into an inviting, exciting space, with curious cocktail and food combinations.

We created a flagship moment for the big reveal of the new oven range, by designing a bespoke film, choreographed to a live musical segment.

As the film played, guests were unaware that the violin they were hearing was in fact live in the room. This created a dramatic reveal as the violinist made her way out into the crowd.

Technology is key for Siemens and we wanted to reflect this in the experience. Our Discover Pods were an abstract and interactive installation that showcased the new product features; steam, speed and connectivity.

We also built a VR experience that took attendees on an abstract journey through the three key themes, ending the experience in a Siemens kitchen in the heart of the home.

Guests were then offered the option of an event departure to a location of their choice in an electric taxi.

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