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Experience Analytics

AI and analytics are changing the world we live in. It’s become embedded into our lives as individuals and in society as a whole. The question for the CEOs and Senior Executives of the world is: how can (and should) we be using them in business?

In line with Deloitte’s positioning as a thought-leader in this field, they host an annual event for such a C-Suite audience. This is Experience Analytics – one day dedicated to the biggest topics in AI and analytics, to help businesses thrive in this state of change.

The big topics

Experience Analytics is centred around these themes:

    • Human + Machine: Is all about the Adoption of A

    • Know Your Customer: The customer experience and interface

    • Disrupting the Status Quo: AI for good or The AI revolution and it’s sustainable connotations

    • Ethical, Private and Secure: Is all about data and cyber security

    Changing with the times

    Just as our client, their sponsors, partners and guests are moving with the times… we’ve continued to move the needle in our role as the creative agency behind this event.

    In our second year delivering Experience Analytics, we continued to evolve the event identity integrating it into narrative, environments and interactive experiences to deliver something unique and engaging for 2019. The result was an action-packed one-day experience with star speakers, breakouts, an escape room, the event’s first ever hackathon, and 45 different opportunities to see the key themes in action.

    Let the audience drive the experience

    We took an ‘insight-driven’ approach, living and breathing the very essence of this event: unlocking the potential of analytics.

    We collected and analysed data for valuable insights. We also crowdsourced content prior to the event – resulting in an experience and agenda that the audience could own for themselves. We designed 2-4 simultaneous sessions in nearly every time-slot. The delegates could build their own agenda and explore the topics that mattered most to them. All of this was bookended by keynotes from Deloitte and their lead sponsor, Google Cloud.

    Levels of engagement

    Social media coverage was great, from Deloitte and the audience alike: